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Metal detecting is so popular today, and companies making metal detecting devices for this hobby are so abundant, that little surprise more and more people get engaged. Yet, purchasing the machine and all that jazz may be a bit complicated, so newbie treasure hunters go online to look for comprehensive and fair reviews. And eventually land on Detect History website, a platform created by enthusiasts who themselves have walked the path from total noobs to detectorists with expertise. There are tons of best metal detectors, reviews and other useful posts on the site, including comparative reviews and lists of best devices for different purposes. 

However, is Detect History any different from all those other reviewer sites? Is there a twist behind it, or is it just another average site? Well, the main difference and advantage of this particular platform is obvious - it is the person behind the project.



Detect History was created by Michael Moore, a passionate metal detecting enthusiast who has really got his hands dirty with digging, and now has useful advice to share. The concept of the platform was created when Michael decided to decrease the frustration most newbie detectorists face when they try to find useful info online. He gathered other passionate experts and together, they have created a platform offering fair and objective reviews and recommendations. 

The mission of Detect History is to plant flags and indicate milestones on the path of a passionate beginner, to help them walk all the way to experienced and confident treasure hunter. On the site, the reader will find everything from beginner advice, guides, and blog posts about exciting finds, to reviews on complicated machines and advice on keeping the finds clean and safe. 

The vision behind the project was brilliantly phrased by Michael himself in his big guide book on metal detecting: Only 50% of success in metal detecting is equipment, the other 50% of success are the person. This vision suggests that even with humble equipment, it is possible to become an expert in detecting, and find success. 

The main values of Detect History are objectivity and recency. The site will never promote low quality equipment, because so many people rely on it as a source of honest feedback. Plus, the team takes effort to provide up-to-date information in every post.



One of the reasons why Detect History is a resource worthy of trust is really objective description of machines and equipment. The best thing loved by many readers is those comparative reviews of different detector models created by different companies but for similar purposes. These reviews do the best job in revealing all pros and cons of every device, plus, they show the real perks and drawbacks that the manufacturers themselves may want to hide - but not these guys. 

Another sound reason for trust is the fact that the team behind the platform contacts the manufacturers on a regular basis - to keep in touch, to ask about questionable aspects on machines, or to specify the release dates, etc. Such collaboration with brands shows that Michael and his team mean it when they say that their task is to provide the most correct information.


Even a total newbie in the niche can actually learn about technical specifications and characteristics of the machines and analyze their suggested quality. However, only profound practical expertise allows to really evaluate whether this or that feature in a metal detector will be doing its job, or whether the manufacturer only wants more money for bells and whistles. This is exactly the benefit Michael takes advantage of when making his reviews, because he has years of experience behind, and it shows. 

Detect History reviews rate metal detectors basing on numerous aspects, starting from quality of materials, ending with comparative analysis with other similar models. The posts are useful for both beginner and experienced treasure hunters, as they contain tech specs and also detailed comprehensive analysis, which explains why the review is positive or negative.



Choosing a metal detector is not an easy task; this is especially true for a beginner, but more experienced users may also find it hard, because the market today is so full of offers, and every company releases a bunch of new models almost every year. Plus, new companies are arriving, trying to take the market by storm and offering cheaper or more effective products. This abundance can make anybody’s head spinning. 

However, choosing a machine for yourself becomes easier when you have clear and comprehensive instruction, and expert advice. Take advantage of several top guides to choose your metal detector like a pro.

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